Iancu Tanasescu

From 1991 he teaches at the Faculty of Law of the University of Craiova and goes to the university hierarchy to become a university professor. He writes specialized papers and literature. He is the creator of new disciplines – aggresology, possology, prevention, and develops the concepts of criminology and victimology.

Win the Vintila Dongoroz Prize of the Romanian Jurists’ Union, for the volume of the Explanations of the Romanian Criminal Code.

Our Mission

Through the work done, the members of the society determine the proper application of the legal provisions, avoiding the use and presentation in bad faith of the evidence, avoiding inaccuracies or incomplete works, as well as the abuses.

In client dialogues, the cognitive capacities are being identified, lawyers trying to overcome the extremely unstable security in the relationships that take place on steep and busy roads of law.

Dilemmas of unsuccessful processes, reminders and endless sadness that sometimes interfere with the echo of profound meditation, questions and reflections on justice, any imbalance to be treated later by deep involvement in changing procedures.