About Us

SCA Tanasescu and Associates was founded on 01.05.2008, in Slatina, by lawyer Iancu Tanasescu, by transforming the Individual Cabinet and co-opting the lawyers Camil Tanasescu and Gabriel Tanasescu.

The association has announced its intention to express professional ethics in the conditions in which the presumption the guilt must follow its course in a provincial psychology in which every person knows more than the authorities offer.

Consequently, the disputes are closely linked to the economic-social reality in which some of the people known for various activities have become sad people of various circumstances.

The company has participated in the training program of trainee lawyers assigned by the Olt Bar and in the practical training program of INM students, with the experience of magistrate and member of the Romanian Committee of History and Folosity of Science and Techniques of the Romanian Academy e – coordinator, as well as the qualities held by associate lawyers – university professors, members of the Writers’ Union of Romania, members of the Union of Journalists Professionals, guarantee the affirmation and observance of the rules of good administration of the act of justice.

Also, the members of the society determine the proper application of the legal provisions, avoiding the use and presentation in bad faith of the evidence, avoiding inaccuracies or incomplete works, as well as abuses.

In the dialogues with the clients, they are used to identify their cognitive capacities, the attorneys trying to eliminate the lack of extremely stressful safety in the races that intersect the steep and busy roads of law.

Appeal in the interest of the law – High Court of Cassation and Justice

Decision no. 11 in file no.198 / 1/2019 Admits the appeal in the interest of the law declared by the Prosecutor General of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice. In the interpretation and uniform application of the provisions of art. 193 related to art. 199 par. (1) of the […]

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